29 July 2013

Requesting to Work from Home

On the way home from Ford's appointment at the U of U pulmonary clinic, we went to his office at BYU to speak with his supervisor. We were able to visit with Ford's supervisor and explain what was happening. Then we asked if it would be possible for Ford to work from home. During his chemo treatment four years ago, he was allowed to do that. This kept him doing his job, servicing the accounts for which he is responsible. In order to allow him to recover from the pneumonia, we were trying to minimize the exposure to environments that could trigger an infection. There has been a lot of construction on campus very near his office area. If this could possibly be a factor in the reoccurring pneumonia, we wanted to remove him from that risk.

Ford's supervisor was very kind, listening to all we explained. He told us that approval to work from home is now an administrative decision, meaning that he would check with his supervisor so the request could be pushed up the chain of authority. He made an appointment with his supervisor for all of us to meet together the next day.

In meeting the next day, we learned a little more about the process and what may or may not happen. Currently, if granted permission to work from home, the most that would be allowed would be 2 to 3 weeks. We were hoping that Ford might be able to recover for the 6 to 8 weeks that we had been told it would take for a normal case of pneumonia to clear up. However, 2 or 3 weeks is better than none, so we asked him to continue with the request. Since the 24th of July in Utah is a holiday, most everyone needed to further the request was on vacation until at least Friday. We most likely would not receive an answer before Monday of next week.

So we went home and hoped for the best. Ford enjoyed the holiday, then made the decision to take the next few days off until we received an answer.  We also took the time to discuss alternate plans if the answer came back as a no.

It had been suggested that spending time on a beach, at sea level, in clean air would do a lot for Ford's recovery. Since we have family in Southern Cal, we discussed the possibilities as well as the probabilities. We will see.

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