28 February 2011

February Frisbee Bests


I set a new personal best today in the triple loop: 17.

My double back loop personal best is now 20.

13 consecutive months with at least one personal best.


23 February 2011


Two years ago today, Ford was released from the hospital after spending time in the ICU and a few days in a regular room. He had suffered a seizure after his sodium levels had dropped critically low. He also had aspiration pneumonia from that seizure. Dr. Alward was the critical care doctor and pulmonologist who was on call in the ER that night and has taken very good care of Ford

Yesterday Dr. Alward said Ford had recovered so well that he needed to release him from his care in order to make room for the people who were really sick.

Another milestone. Hooray!

Thank you, Dr. Alward, for taking care of Ford!

01 February 2011

"Huntsman Day"

Today was a "Huntsman Day." While we have appreciated this great facility and the wonderful people that work here, every three months I have come to dread the "Huntsman Day." We never really know what the outcome will be and in an instant, our lives could be changed... again, just like they were two years ago.

However, today, like each visit we've had the past year and a half since Ford completed his round of chemo, we've left with positive outcomes.

Ford's blood tests came back with the best results to date. Every thing looks very good, Ford looks very good, and he feels good. We reviewed the happenings of the past three months such as Christmas Day in the ED (previously the ER, but now all the signs say that instead of just a room, they are a full department), the possible lung infection in January (promoted by all the dust and debris from the construction project at Ford's work place), and the discovery of MTHFR and gene mutations that reveal that Ford is at risk for cancer, blood clots, and early heart disease (good to know... now we can work on heading those things off) (and, yes, that last bit was written with a touch of sarcasm).

Dr. Glenn felt so positive about Ford's check up that she gave him a one-month reprieve. He now will have four months between checks. That will be in June and will be his two year anniversary of having one of the two forms of cancer in remission. We are working hard and looking forward to the day when we can make that a clean sweep across the board. Which brings to mind the comment from the nurse practitioner who, after we described the nutrition routine, the light therapy, and the green smoothies, said: "That's nice. Everyone needs placebos to help them believe...the mind can be a strong healing element." ~sigh~

Til later. God bless everyone!

PS from Ford: Triple loop record is now 16! Hooray!!