23 September 2010

July Check

July was checkup time at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital. This time it was just a blood draw and a look over/q & a time with the doctor. A new Fellow doctor came in the exam room and hmmm'd. Then asked how long Ford had been anemic. ??? That was a first. At no time had anyone mentioned or indicated that Ford was anemic (it sure explains the lack of energy, however). We both shrugged and looked back at him blankly. Bright fellow that he was, he sensed that this was something new. He pointed out on the reports that the hemoglobin numbers had been going down the past three checkups. He indicated that it was not an iron deficiency. He continued with the general questions and then left the room to find and consult with Dr. Glenn. When Dr. Glenn came into the room, she looked at Ford with an amazed look we see with all doctors' visits. She told him how good he looked. Then she began asking whether he was bleeding out anywhere. Was he bruising or retaining fluids? No and no were the responses. Evidently, one of the causes of the type of anemia that Ford was exhibiting is caused by blood loss. He really does know what that looks like now after the experience he had after his knee surgery and he was 4 units low. She thought a few minutes, then continued with the rest of the exam. She asked about his coumadin, made some notes, and said that she would see him in October when the PET scan would be done along with blood work. Other than the drop in hemoglobin, all looked good.

This was the one year mark since ending the chemo treatment.

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  1. Wow! That's it? Oh, you're anemic, I'll see you in October? I hope his tests reveal the answer for you.