22 April 2010

Such a Good Day

Today has been one of those days where you pray for the best and then brace yourself for whatever may come.

Ford's first appointment at the Huntsman Cancer Institute today was at 6:30 am. When we opened the garage door at 5:20 am, we could not believe our eyes. Snow?! We had expected rain, but snow? No way. The past three days have been record highs in the 70's. The roads were wet and the storm increased as we made our way to SLC. For me, it was a white-knuckle drive. I used to love to drive in all sorts of weather. I guess I am getting old. The fact that the lines on I-15 are all screwy because of the construction sure didn't help. With the precipitation, the dark, and the glare of headlights, it was hard at times to see where the lanes were.

Anyway, we made good time and closer to the HCI, the roads were clearer. The first appointment was for the PET scan. The procedure usually takes around 2.5 hours although the tech told me to expect about 3.5 this morning. Ford had some difficulty with the insertion of the IV, but said that he really got woozy when the radioactive sugar began to flow. He said that he struggled with not passing out. He came through with flying colors and the test took only 3 hours. We had anticipated staying in SLC until the time came for the labs to be done, followed by the appointment with Dr. Glenn, the oncologist, for the test results and checkup.

Instead, we opted to drive back to Provo (the sun was out by this time and the weather had cleared significantly). Ford was able to enjoy his usual breakfast routine and we both took time to get some more sleep.

It turned out to be a fairly beautiful day. The drive back up to SLC was uneventful. We were a bit early when we checked in yet it was only a very short wait before they called Ford back for his blood draw. For the first time in 15 months, I did not shadow him. I sat out in the waiting area because it typically takes less than 5 minutes, they send us back out to wait, and then call us back for weigh in and to take other vital information. This time I figured it would be a breeze because the morning crew had left the IV connection in so it would be easier to draw labs. I waited and waited and waited. After about 20 minutes, I asked if I could go in and see where Ford was. He wasn't in the general lab area. I was a little nervous. The area where they usually have inserted the IV before doing the chemo treatments was a little way down the hall and that is to where I was directed next. Sure enough there he was. He was sitting in a comfy chair that could recline, if needed (and it was needed). The lab tech was getting ready to fetch him some juice to drink to see if he would help him.....he was very sensitive today to the procedures and again was feeling faint. Even after this short recovery time, we made it back into a room 25 to 30 minutes ahead of our scheduled appointment. Our doctor usually has so many patients to see that she is often later than the scheduled time. I was just beginning to get a bit anxious about what the results might be, when she walked in. She was smiling as she announced that "Everything looked good!" "In fact," she said, "the irritation in the stomach (the MALT lymphoma that we were told was incurable at the present) shows a decrease."

I let out a huge sigh of relief. WOW! Not only is Ford doing well with his recovery, and not only has the Diffuse Large B Cell lymphoma been kept in check, the other cancer seems to be receding!!!! Ford and I were ecstatic. Dr. Glenn gave a slight chuckle as we celebrated with high fives. After checking him over and getting answers to all the important questions, she told us she would see us in three more months. We were actually leaving 10 minutes before our appointment time.

It has been a good day. And we are very grateful for the healing Ford has been blessed with. The short, simple expression says it all: God is Good! And especially today, we are filled with an immense gratitude for His goodness.

Oh, BTW, Ford's INR on Tuesday was 2.4. !!!!!!


  1. Wonderful! It's great that he is doing so well. I suspect that it's at least partly because he was taking such good care of himself physically before the cancer struck.