13 April 2010

On a Roll

Last Tuesday Ford's INR was a 2.1. )-: While this was still in the GOOD range, it was a drop from the week before (2.6). There was disappointment that it was in the downward direction. Ford had started back with running the day before, so this may have impacted the results. There is no really good way to tell except to wait until the next week and see what happens.

Today was next week. His INR came in at a 2.3. Hurray! We may, just maybe, have found a balance. The next INR is one week away. If it comes in within the desired range, then the INR checks go to two weeks.

Next Thursday, 22 April 2010, is Ford's check at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Bright and early (don't know how bright it will be at 6:30 am) he is scheduled for the PET scan. That is the test where radioactive sugar is run through his system via an IV and then tracked to see where it goes. If it gathers in any particular area, this is referred to as a hot spot. A hot spot indicates cancer (cancer feeds off sugar). We do not want to see any. We anticipate that there will be an area in his stomach where the MALT lymphoma was centered at the last check. It would be fantastic if this area was a no-show. The bigger question at this point is whether there are hot spots any where else. Last January 2009, there were hot spots in the stomach, lungs, and bones from the Diffuse Large B Cell lymphoma. In June 2009, after the chemo treatments were completed, those areas were no longer considered hot. We are hoping and praying that this is still the results. In the afternoon, Ford has his appointment with Dr. Glenn (and the resident Fellow doctor).

Thank you to all who are still tracking us and are caring and praying for us. There have been so many in our neighborhood that have had need of prayers and healing. Many have been in critical situations and had miracles happen. A few have literally been brought back from death's door. What a great witness of the power of God! We are so blessed with dear family, friends, co-workers, and amazing neighbors!!

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  1. Keep up the good work! It sounds like you are on the right track.

    I hope next week's appointment is all good news.