03 March 2010


When the number came up for the result of Ford's INR check, I thought for a moment that I might be dyslexic. I blinked and asked if that really was a 1.2 I was looking at. The nurse was also surprised at the number. Does going on vacation result in a drop in the INR? Ford has been very diligent in taking his blood thinners. His diet has not change significantly. Why the drop? The only thing that he has changed in his routine is exercise. The whole time we were on vacation he worked out for about three hours total: running/walking (training for the half marathon), throwing and catching frisbees on the beach, and time on the stationary recumbent bike. Guess what. That can create the change. Who knew.

Well...it is back to the Lovenox injections until his levels improve. He is a trooper. He does not complain. He simply complies. I have no doubt that his visit with Dr. Alward in a couple of weeks will be interesting.

In the meantime, we are doing incredibly well, the glass is half-full, and we are tremendously blessed. We have been awed by the beauty of God's creations. We so are grateful for the generosity of my dear brother and wonderful sister-in-law. We have had so much fun being with them. Mahalo!


  1. I hope it picks up soon, and I look forward to the day when you can once again say the cup runneth over.

  2. Our cup is constantly full and running over with all that we could possibly need.