18 March 2010

Looking Good

When I picked Ford up from work this evening, I asked how he was doing. He quickly replied: "BYU won in double overtime and I am off the Lovenox injections." Enough said?

At his appointment with Dr. Alward, his INR was a 2.1!!!! Dr. Alward checked him out and looked over all the reports. He commented several times how good Ford looked. He does not think that either altitude or exercise had anything to do with the drop in Ford's INR. He didn't venture to explain what he thought it was. Ultimately, the important part is that the INR number is back up into the normal range. The next check with Dr. Alward is 6 months, all things being normal. He also did not seem to think that radiation was an option for Ford, given his history. Radiation is what Dr. Glenn was suggesting will happen if the PET scan in April turns out with good results, good results meaning that there is no sign of the Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma and that the MALT has stayed in the stomach area.

One step at a time. For now, that completes all the checks and re-checks for this month for Ford.

Whew, it is barely half way through and it has already been a long March.

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  1. Good news indeed! I'm glad he's off the injections! I hope it can stay that way. What a relief for both of you!