09 March 2010


Seldom do I believe in coincidences.

Since both Ford and I are on Coumadin (actually we are taking the generic Warfarin), we both get our INR checked. We get it checked in different clinics. It did not take too long for me to get in a good range when I began the Coumadin. My number has been fairly consistent between a 2.4 & a 2.6. So consistent that the interval between checks has been a month to a month and a half. My INR check was yesterday and the number was a 1.3. ???? That is a tremendous drop. Just like Ford's was a significant drop. I am positive that I did not exercise 3 hours a day while on vacation. No, we did not change our diet. The thing that we have in common is the vacation. Coincidence? I think not.

So today at Ford's check I asked if altitude changes make a difference. "Of course," was the response. So far food, sleep, exercise, and altitude can change the levels. Oh, and the fact that using a generic brand instead of the true blue Coumadin can make a difference.....makes me wonder what other thousand things in the universe can have an affect on the INR level that we are not aware of.

The real question for me is: "Is there anything that we can personally do to help Ford maintain his INR in the level necessary to prevent blood clots?"

BTW, his INR today was up 1/10 to a 1.5. Still creeping upward, but causing a quandary with the doctor's staff.

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