04 February 2010

Sleep Solution

One residual effect of chemo has been that many times Ford has a difficult time falling asleep at night. We have tried many different things but nothing has worked all the time.

We finally found something that allowed him to go to sleep and stay asleep: Vacation.

I have not seen him look so relaxed and at ease for quite some time as I did on our short trip to Texas. The very first night Ford went right to sleep and slept for almost 9 hours. Then he also took 2 naps during the day. Wow! The only night he had trouble sleeping was the last night of our vacation when he new we would have to be getting up early to get everything packed and get off to the airport.

BTW: It is very disappointing to anticipate warm Texas weather only to find that a cold front was blowing through and it was actually warmer in Provo than it was in Texas! But we had a good time in spite of that.
I loved being back in Texas and found myself yearning to spend more time. Many of the places we visited brought back tons of memories of growing up in South Texas.

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  1. Maybe that's because car travel is so exhausting! Even if you sleep, your body is being jiggled and getting worn out.