21 January 2010

Second Three-month Check

This afternoon was Ford's second three-month follow-up since he finished with his chemo.

The blood tests came back with nothing irregular, no flags, no spikes, no markers. Dr. Glenn said that all appears to be going well. She said that at the next three-month check, Ford will have a PET scan done. If the lesion in the lining of his stomach from the MALT lymphoma has increased, that they will look at treating it with radiation. She explained that they usually do not consider radiation therapy when someone has been diagnosed with a cancer that is considered systemic. However, Ford seems to have done well enough and if the PET scan shows no irregularities anywhere else, they will consider treatment just for the stomach area. She said that this would keep the lesion in check and hopefully prevent any trouble from perforation or other things.

However, if the PET scan shows anything suspicious indicating there is more than just the MALT lymphoma, then she will go back to the plan for stem cell transplant.

We are enjoying the good news from today and appreciating the good progress Ford has made since this time last year. Hoorah!!

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  1. Great news! Let's hope the PET scan brings even more great news!