04 December 2009

Catching Up

Catching up:
Ford has been able to transition from Lovenox (daily injections) to Coumadin (oral tablet) successfully. It took a while to build up in his system. The first check 2 days after beginning to take Coumadin, his INR was at a 1.2 (the nurse said "that is a like-not-even-there number") so he had to continue the injections. The level needs to be a minimum of 2 to stop. Two days later it had increased to a 1.3. On Friday it had jumped to a 1.7 and we only had one more needle of the Lovenox (they are very expensive and we were hoping not to have to buy more if it could be avoided). The nurse consulted with Dr. Alward and they agreed to take a chance that the level would be up where it needed to be by Monday. If it wasn't high enough, they would write a prescription for what we needed. So Ford took the last injection on Saturday, none on Sunday, and tested on Monday. Hooray!! The levels were where they needed to be. It should be noted here that Ford actually gave himself the last 3 injections because I came down with the flu Wednesday night (I let down my guard and didn't get enough sleep for a few days and went 2 days without eating properly. It zapped me!). I supervised the first time from a distance. He did marvelously well, of course. He took inspiration from our oldest daughter who has had to take Lovenox injections during her pregnancy (she inherited her dad's Factor V Leiden). She has successfully (and cheerfully) given herself the injections for several weeks.

I believe that I mentioned in the previous blog entry that Dr. Alward told Ford that he is a Coumadin "lifer" now. Most likely, he will need some type of blood thinner for the rest of his life. The reason that a new drug coming out that may be more effective is important is that Dr. Alward also told Ford that he was at a higher risk for Coumadin failure. In other words, it is possible for Ford to get clots even if he is on the Coumadin. We will take each day at it comes and see what happens.

We had a very good Thanksgiving and hope each of you did also. As I mentioned before, we have simplified much of what we will do for Christmas. I have hopes of mailing out greetings for a Merry Christmas, but in reality, some of you may be receiving them in January and even for Ground Hog Day or Valentine's. (-: There is the distinct possibility that our good wishes go out electronically this year via blog, email, or telephone. Please know that the love and good wishes are very sincere to all of you no matter how you receive them!