08 October 2009

Three Month Check

Well, the fun is about to begin once again. This week Ford has a long-overdue dental appointment. On Monday, 10/12/09, he has an appointment up at the U of U Med Center for his EGD (endoscopy) where they will scope his stomach to see if there is any visible change and also do a biopsy to check which, if any, cancer cells are present in his stomach. Then on Tuesday, 10/13/09, we travel back up to the Huntsman Cancer Institute for a PET scan. This is to check if there are any "hot spots" that are taking up the radioactive sugar. Our appointment with the oncologist, Dr. Glenn, will be the following Tuesday, 10/20/09, to get the results of all the tests.

This will not be an easy week for us. I've been trying to prepare myself for the wait and whatever the results may be, but the tension is already mounting and my emotions are beginning to bounce off the walls. There is a lot to be done around the house, so maybe some of that craziness can be dispersed doing chores. Since it looks like winter is on our doorstep, there are some winterization things that need doing. Brrr. I am missing the warm weather already.

Ford has been driving to work the past several weeks. During his lunch time is when he has typically worked out by playing frisbee. He had two new personal bests the past two weeks. He had thirty-two consecutive throws and catches with three frisbees and either one or two frisbees in the air at all times. Today he consistently had three frisbees in the air for eight throws and eight catches! This is a great achievement. He not only gets a physical workout, but also is sharpening his brain, coordination, and concentration skills. HOORAY for Ford!!!!

We have had great support throughout this whole year's experiences. Please, if you will, remember Ford in your prayers in the next coming weeks. We are hoping with all our hearts that his tests come up clear.

Love to all!

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