15 October 2009

The Results Are In

"Enjoy the holidays!" was the parting remark from Dr. Glenn this afternoon.

The results of the endoscopy showed a bit of irritation at the top of the stomach so Dr. Boyton, the gastroenterologist, took several biopsies of the area along with biopsies from the area previously infected with cancer.

The PET scan showed a bit of increased activity in the stomach in different areas.

The opinion of all involved in diagnosing is that the only lymphoma that is active is the MALT. Currently there is no sign of the Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, the more aggressive form that was the target of the chemo treatments.

The results of the bone marrow biopsies done in July showed no cancer cells in the bones.

Lab results on blood tests showed nothing out of the ordinary.

The plan from here is for Ford to be seen again in three months with a check up and assessment of how he has done. Then in six months will be the next check at which time another PET scan will be done. As long as nothing appears abnormal, that will be the plan for a while. If something seems out of the ordinary, then it will be determined if an endoscopy needs to be done.

Now we just need to find a way to curb the MALT. Dr. Glenn told us that if the MALT had been localized in just one area, it could be killed with radiation. But in Ford's case, it has been in several areas and is considered to be systemic. So he needs to be super aware of any changes. (Fatigue, vomiting, bleeding, pain, and weight loss.)

We are so very grateful for all the prayers and support. This is indeed great news for us!

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