10 August 2009

Some More Info

In the previous blog post, we told about the reprieve. After the doctor called, we decided to wait until the news was in writing before we talked about what was going on. It has been such an emotional roller coaster.

However, many people have asked so here is what little we know...

The pathologist as the HCI told Dr. Glenn over the phone that when they received the slides from the endoscopy and had examined them, that what they thought they were looking at was the MALT lymphoma (the slow progressing one) and not more of the Diffuse Large B Cell lymphoma
(the aggressive, potentially fatal one).

Dr. Glenn cautioned us that sometimes the pathologist will surprise her and the written report will be different than the oral report. For this reason we need to make sure before we get too excited.

The only "for sure" is that because of the doubt of which lymphoma it is that is showing up in Ford's stomach, all of the procedures scheduled this week, i.e. central line placement, three day RICE chemo treatment, and the Neulasta shot on the fourth day, have been postponed. Dr. Glenn started to say, "...so we will wipe those off the agenda," but then stopped and said, "not wipe off, just put on the back burner."

She told us that they were also ordering all the original slides done for the original diagnosis and staging.

We are very relieved at the reprieve. It is what I imagine a stay of execution may feel like. But then Ford is continually telling everyone that I am taking this harder than he is. Ford is taking all in stride.

We are not sure when we will hear more about the diagnosis.

In the conversation with Dr. Glenn, it was asked if she wanted Ford to repeat the endoscopy. She said yes, but that she wanted to wait at least two months because that would give her a better picture of what is going on.

That is what we know and don't know.

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  1. I guess no news is good news right? Carolyn C