31 August 2009

A New Week

New week and new post.

The visit with the pulmonologist went well. He thought Ford looked very good (he really does look amazingly well). There is not anything that can change with the blood thinners until Ford has his tests done in October. If all is still looking good, then there will be discussion of switching to Coumadin (taken orally), remaining on Lovenox (daily injections), or not taking anything. Dr. Alward believes that the chemo was the main cause of the double pulmonary embolisms. This is consistent with our understanding of what happens with someone who has Factor V Leiden. There is usually something that perpetuates the blood clots. They rarely just happen. That is the news there.

Today was the first day that Ford has been back on his trike (three-wheeled recumbent bike). He has looked forward to being able to getting back to riding. Today is also the first day of regular classes at BYU. He was able to time it so that he missed the first period rush and breezed right in to work. Yeah!

One of the speakers in our Ward Sacrament meeting yesterday spoke on change and coping (excellent talk Brother S. Thanks for the stories and the insight). This is definitely a season for change with twenty days or less before our second grandbaby arrives, and in a week, our third daughter is back to school at BYU-I. We have enjoyed having her home for the summer. We will miss her not being here, yet are excited for the new adventures that await her. With the progress Ford is making getting back into his work and areas of interest, it will be time for me to work on many things that need attention. One of the things that I have tried to learn from our experiences this year is to take one day at a time and to enjoy and appreciate life. And, so, we will see what each new day brings and try to learn what the Lord may have in store for us.

How blessed we are.

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