26 August 2009

Keeping Touch

We haven't updated for a while because, as far as news about Ford's status medically, we do not know anything new. We can only hope that "no news is good news."

Some read our blog to be updated on Ford's lymphoma situation. We have been reminded that some read our blog to keep up on what is going on in general. So, this blog is for a general update.

Ford returned to work full-time last week at BYU. He has done well. He really does look good. His hair is coming back nicely and not all gray. There are dark areas here and there.

He has been building up his stamina. Every evening this past week, he has taken a long walk around the neighborhood. This seems to also have a calming effect that has allowed him to sleep a bit better.

On Saturdays, he has returned to his assignment at the Provo Temple. He goes every week hoping that he can stay for the full shift, but has been patient at taking it one step at a time and building up his time. He has a wonderful supervisor that keeps a loving eye on him. Ford is getting more skillful at finding things that need to be done at about the time Brother H. would like him to go home. (-:

Ford weight is remaining stable. He weighs more than he would like, but he looks good with the extra few pounds, not as gaunt (just gallant).

For a little bit, Ford was having a slight slow down processing things. That may have been due to lack of sleep, the chemo, or who-knows-what, but he is picking back up quite nicely.

Our second daughter is within 4 weeks of her due date. Our first daughter found out that baby #2,
due in January, is a girl. Daughter #3 will be returning to school at BYU-I in a few weeks.

For those of you that are not in Utah, it seems that Fall is creeping in early this year. The past several days have been beautiful, but cooling off. I suppose that the leaves on the mountains will soon be changing their colors.

Today Ford has an appointment with the pulmonologist here in Provo. It is a check up and a chance to touch base concerning his blood thinning meds. Without any word from the Huntsman, there is nothing that can really change at this point.

Our best wishes go out to you all whether near of far. Take care.

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  1. Good to hear that Ford is getting better. It is wonderful that he is working and going back to the temple!