23 July 2009

"We're Back"

Not exactly the news we would want especially heading into a holiday, but it is what it is.

Nurse Debbi called from the Huntsman this evening to tell us that the reports from the endoscopy biopsies show that (and I quote) "It is back."

Whether the cancer is actually back or whether this is some that wasn't killed before is probably irrelevant. The point is that on Wednesday, 29 July, we go back to the oncologist at the Huntsman and talk about what is going on and what to do next. Ford will also have another bone marrow biopsy done to see if there is any cancer in his bone marrow.

The nurse indicated that there will probably be another round of more radical chemo. Stem cells will be taken from Ford's bone marrow and frozen for future use, if needed. This is called an Autologous bone marrow transplant. "Auto" means "self." Stem cells are taken from the patient before the patient gets chemotherapy or radiation treatment. When chemotherapy or radiation is done, the patient gets their stem cells back. This is called a "rescue" transplant.

The slides with the biopsies from the endoscopy are being shipped to the pathologists at the Huntsman Institute and they will determine what is happening. We will be able to meet with the oncologist, hear what she has to say, ask any questions we have, and then go from there.

Bottom line: Please continue to include us in your prayers. Thanks ever so much! And...Happy Pioneer Day and weekend!!

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  1. Know that I am thinking of you two. You are in my heart and prayers. I felt like picking up the phone immediately to call you and talk, but felt compelled not to. I do not know why....if and when you get this comment, will you call me if you are up for talking? Love you Margaret.