16 July 2009

Sooner Than Expected

Tomorrow morning Ford will have the endoscopy that Dr. Glenn wanted done. The gastroenterologist had a cancellation and so was able to get Ford in right away. This has taken us a little by surprise. Ford had intended to go in to work for a few hours in the afternoon for the rest of the week. He did go to work yesterday for about 4 hours and came home totally exhausted. He thought he was doing okay while at work, but really felt differently when he got home. Consequently, he was too tired to go to sleep at an early hour and did not get a lot of sleep. Today he took it easy and was able to rest some.

Things were a little lively in the morning with a visit from our daughters and granddaughter. Whoa, what energy!!

I am sure that the results of the biopsy(ies) will take some time to get back, but I will update tomorrow on how Ford is doing.

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