19 July 2009

Revision and update

One reason not to blog while tired is that the information may not be processed quite as accurately as could be. Because of this, the post Drumroll, Please has been edited with a bit more accuracy concerning the PET CT results. The outcome is still the same overall: Good.

As for what is currently happening, Ford was not able to make it to the Temple yesterday. With the endoscopy the day before and less hours of sleep during the night, he was a bit drained of energy. He began to perk up a bit during the afternoon-evening enough to help with a gardening chore and do some dishes that have piled up.

Today the goal is to attend Sacrament Meeting. We will come home after that and if he is feeling up to it, he will try to attend his Priesthood meeting. Little by little he will make it back to a regular routine. He has done well at trying to listen to his body and then respond accordingly. For someone that has had relatively little illness or restriction most of his life, he is doing very well.

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