01 July 2009

Disappointment all around today. As Ford terms it, "I flunked my blood test today."

Typically, the week after a chemo treatment his labs come back with a low WBC count. Since he began taking the Neulasta shot after chemo this count has been very low (in critical range). Then the count bottoms out two days later and begins to climb quickly.

Last Tuesday (7 days after chemo) his WBC count wasn't as low as we've seen (2.5). Of course, it would have gone a little lower by Thursday and then started to climb. By the second Tuesday, the count has usually been close enough to normal. We had expected it to be in or at least near the normal range, which, to us, meant that he could be involved in activities around other people because he would have a higher immunity if coming in contact with some kind of illness. We were confidant enough that this would be the case that Ford was dressed and ready to go in to his office at BYU to attend a mandatory meeting right after we picked up the test results. We so confidant that we were planning (and looking forward to) an outing at a park to play with family today. Ford and I were both stunned to see the results.

WBC = L 1.2 critical value

He ended up not going to the mandatory meeting. He broke the news to the family and postponed the outing to the park.

The email that came back from the HCI nurse was a confirmation from the doctor that because of the change in not taking the Neulasta shot, the WBC would bottom out between days 10-14 and then would begin to improve, but at a slower rate than we had seen before. Yesterday was day 14.

Disappointment and frustration. There is no other way to describe it. This too shall pass and things will begin to improve. But with the 4th of July coming this weekend and family here from out-of-town, we were looking forward to getting out and playing. Now we will wait and see. Bleh! (And why is patience a virtue?)
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  1. Iam so sorry. It is such a disappointment when you have your hopes up. It was nice to wave to you on Sunday:)

  2. Well I think I have commented 3 times now but any way I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry you didn't get out and about. Carolyn C.

  3. It's ok. Maybe at the 4th of July party we'll use my laptop and your mac and skype to set up a digital you. That way you can be home and germ free, but still interact at the party in real-time!

  4. That's too bad. I hope it picks up soon!