25 June 2009

Today's News

Ford is looking good and things are starting to even out a bit. The lab results on Tuesday looked good. The WBC count was low but didn't bottom out as it has the previous two cycles. Sunday was a great day in Ford's opinion because the liquid restriction was lifted. He has been able to drink more liquids and will be very happy when the water restriction is changed. His sodium levels look great.

Ford has been good about not pushing a set schedule so much. He has been able to sleep a few more hours and has even tried laying down for a nap occasionally.

His appetite is good and his weight is normalizing.

He is able to get work done and has great co-workers helping to make the at-home option work smoothly.

On the whole, everything is going great with Ford's progress.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad to hear everything is going so well for him after all the chemo is done.