08 June 2009

Something New

Today Ford had a new problem come up, minor in comparison, yet painful. He has been exercising on the recumbent bike and walking around the neighborhood. After this morning's walk, he ended up with blisters on his feet. He has nickel to quarter sized blisters, one on each foot located in the same spot. He wore a different type of sock than he normally does today and that may be what caused the blisters. Although the nurse said that moisture can also be a cause. The advice was to keep them clean and dry. Stay off of them. According to the nurse at HCI, because of Ford's low WBC, the blisters will take a little longer to heal. Who knew?

Ford has been getting sleep and his energy has been increasing. He was looking forward to going in to work at the office this week, but now will wait until the blisters get a little better. We just have to be vigilant so there won't be any infection.

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