01 June 2009

Risky business

Unfortunately Ford was not able to get much sleep last night although he was totally exhausted. He dropped off to sleep around 2 am and was back awake around 7 am.

He started early with his bedtime routine tonight. He settled down about 9 pm and was finally able to go to sleep. (sigh)

Tomorrow is his weekly blood draw. These next several days can be precarious for Ford. It is typically the time of his cycle that his WBC count is the lowest. What this means for Ford is basically this: the white blood cells are the defense system for fighting infection. Without those, the body cannot fight off any attack. If he gets infected, then he has to get outside help to intervene i.e. hospitalization, and hope that it works or he could die. That is pretty plain. Easy choice for him to choose to have limited contact during this time. He has also decided to wear a mask every where he goes. He feels that it is easier for him to wear one than ask every one else to wear one.
He does get some stares and curious looks. He is just trying to have one more layer of protection.

This afternoon the announcement came that there are confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus at the MTC. We have a family member that works there and we are praying that he and his family (our daughter and granddaughter) will be protected. They have let us know that until they are sure they are not at risk, they will not have contact with us. We pray that they will protected and able to remain healthy.


  1. We will pray for your family, especially daughter and granddaughter right now.

  2. Our prayers our with daughter one and family. We hope that she doesn't become exposed, its probably theraupetic for Ford to be able to see them and the granddaughter. We love you guys.

  3. I am thinking that I could use some prednisone. I want to feel strong. :) Hey! How are you guys? I am just getting caught up on Ford. It is amazing how positive you both have been. I am amazed with the both of you. You two have inspired me. Thank you for sharing your struggles and growth. You both are amazing to me.

  4. Aidan got H1N1. It turns out it is the easiest flu to get. Aidan was fairly sick although he was on his antivirals for 48 hours before we learned that he had strep throat as well. Within hours of getting on the antibiotics he was doing MUCH better. It began on a Saturday and Tuesday was the last day he had a fever because we had gotten the antibiotic on Tuesday.