03 June 2009

Infinity and Beyond

The results from the blood draw on Tuesday showed Ford's WBC very low, as we had anticipated. It was .1 higher than the low point during the last round of chemo, but still in the "Alert the Doctor" category.

The staff at the Outpatient Services at UVRMC are very nice. Most of them recognize that we have been in quite often and are now greeting us when we come and go. I am personally happy that the powers that be built this facility. It is in a totally separate building from the main hospital, has great parking, and doesn't require walking a mile and a half through building to get to where you need to go. It is very easy in and out. There is also a very slick system where any one coming in for services goes to a kiosk to check in. On the touch screen, all the pertinent info is entered in, a pager is selected and when the pager buzzes (actually whines like a someone in pain), on the pager screen it tells the patron which desk to go to in order to get checked in with all the necessary paperwork and all. I cannot remember spending more than 15-20 minutes from start to finish on any of our visits.

Ford took one day off from walking and working out on the recumbent bike. He was so exhausted from lack of sleep. Slowly the past 24-36 hours he is perking up. He got several hours of sleep last night (was only up between 1 to 2:30 am). Our youngest daughter that is home for the summer is also on a messed up sleep schedule. Between the two of them, I've had to find a totally separate room to sleep in just to survive.

I really have no room to complain. Ford is doing very well, all things considered. In just ten days, he will be able to complete the 6th chemo treatment. That is quite an accomplishment in my opinion. He has been able to maintain a courteous and cheerful attitude and been able to continue getting programming done for BYU.

We've lost count of our blessings. We just know it is a large number.

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