05 June 2009

On an Upswing

Ford's sleep cycle may be leveling out. For two nights he was able to fall asleep right away, but woke up during the early hours. He was awake for about an hour and a half, then would go back to sleep for a few more hours. Last night he was able to fall asleep easily and was able to sleep without interruption right through to the morning.

He is looking less exhausted and is gaining energy. It appears that he is on the upswing for this cycle.

Because of Ford's low white blood cell count (and impaired immunity) and because of the H1N1 alert, we postponed any plans we had for celebrating our youngest daughter's birthday on Thursday.

On Wednesday, I was made aware of a miscommunication about the H1N1 situation. Even though the area where our son-in-law works is in close proximity to the area where H1N1 and Virus A has been confirmed, he has minimal possibility of having been exposed. When our daughter called her dad to let him know of the alert, it was to give him the facts and allow him to make the decision of how much contact and when to have contact. He made an across-the-board decision to not have contact for now. I misunderstood and thought they were at a high risk and would let us know when that risk had passed. When things were fairly sorted out, Ford and I talked about the situation. The plans were slightly revised.

Emails went out to the two siblings (and their families) about the possibility of a limited get-together for the birthday girl. They willingly complied and we had a brief, yet fun, celebration. Ford, with mask on, remained at a comfortable distance. The b-day girl was pleasantly surprised.

It was a challenge to come up with a no-sugar cake recipe that matched ingredients that we already had on hand. There are some amazing sounding fruit sweetened treat recipes available, but I didn't have ingredients to make most of them. What we ended up with was edible. It looked wonderful, yet had plenty of room for improvement in the taste category. We'll keep working on it along with other foods since Ford's diagnosis. We've tried to eliminate refined sugar, refined flour, and high fructose corn syrup from our diets. Reading the ingredients on labels of food we commonly eat, it is astonishing how many have high fructose corn syrup as a major ingredient. Some of the foods that it shows up in is strange and makes us wonder why it was added. Has our society become so accustomed to a sweet taste that it must be added to everything we eat? Yowzers!

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