21 June 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday was the last dose of Prednisone so today Ford is trying to get some sleep. We tried several different things this round to see if we could increase his ability to sleep. Some worked for a few hours, but nothing worked for a full night of sleep. Because Ford could be more susceptible to infection this time around, we haven't tried any prescription strength sleep medicine just so he is able to communicate what is happening if anything changes.

Our second daughter and husband stopped by for a little visit and brought Ford two presents. The first was a tie. Can anyone guess what color it is? (-: The second was a T-shirt which on the front has "DAD" in large lettering, then the word "Built" followed by the FORD logo and the word "Tough." Pretty cool, huh!

As a Father's Day tradition in our church Ward, the men meet outside at the pavilion after the block of meetings and the young men (ages 12-18) serve a desert to the fathers. Ford would have liked to have gone especially when he learned that it was Marvell's Strawberry Shortcake that was served. (The Marvell's are caterers that live in our neighborhood and are always very generous with their talents!)

Right now things are quiet. Hopefully sleep schedules will be back on course very soon.

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  1. I think you could have braved the men and gotten him some! Or is even that too much exposure?

    I'm glad it was daughter #2 who got the tie. If it was #3 I'd wonder if she was hinting at another wedding!

    I occasionally take 1/2 tablet of ambien. Lets me sleep but lets me wake up too. It can have weird side effects, many of which are probably urban legends, but once in a while it can really help.