04 May 2009

What's on the Schedule

Today is all about prepping for tomorrow mentally, emotionally, and physically (every day is a spiritual prep). Tomorrow will be chemo treatment #4. Ford will be over the hump, so to speak. We leave about 7 am. Treatment will most likely be done around 3 pm. Then we get to overnight in SLC and go back to the HCI so Ford can have a blood draw to check sodium levels and receive the Neulasta shot.

We hope there are no abnormalities and that things go smoothly. If that happens, then, to our understanding, Ford goes back in two weeks for some follow-up tests to see how he is progressing.

Today is the start of a walking challenge through BYU's Wellness Center. Since Ford and I are running a bit short of the 8000 steps suggested for the day, we will be taking a walk around the neighborhood later this evening. Hopefully, that will help Ford get right off to sleep tonight.

1 comment:

  1. 8000 steps? That's four miles! Can Ford really do that?