16 May 2009

Spring Fever

Spring looks like it is finally here! And so is all that it brings, good and bad.

We have had a few days of sneezing, runny noses, and watery eyes. Allergy season is in full swing and along with everything else, we are thankful for allergy meds.

Although Ford's WBC came in very low on Tuesday, he has been gaining energy throughout the week. He is trying to be tolerant of being at home full time, however, I can feel the energy building up.

For a couple of days in a row, he was able to get daughter #3 to go out and play frisbee with him. The running space is very limited in our front yard, so yesterday I asked if he wanted to go up to Provo Canyon and play. He immediately took me up on the offer. Our daughter was also a willing participant so off we went. They threw, caught, and chased frisbees until they were both tuckered out. Then we drove a little more through the canyon. It was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect. And it was great to get out and play.

When we got home from the canyon, we got a visit from daughter #2 on her way home from a roadtrip she had taken to St. George. That is always a welcome treat, to have her drop in and catch up.

After supper, Ford still had energy to burn so we went out for walk. We've more than doubled our usual walk. He does very well and seems to be working out the kinks from lack of exercise, especially in the knee that had the ACL repair. After that walk he wanted to go out some more, so he took another walk around a different part of the neighborhood. He is doing so well that I am having trouble keeping up with him.

Ford has continued to be able to work from home. He has commented that when he is done with treatment, his bosses will want him to work from home because he is able to get so much done. Everyone has been great working with him via phone and computer. For that we are grateful.

He misses his work and the workers and patrons at the Provo Temple. Thank you, Brother H. for keeping in touch with him! It helps.

We have a family in the neighborhood that has been good enough to help care for our yard. They have taken charge and seen that things are getting done like the mowing, edging, weeding, fertilizing, etc. They are very dependable and do good work. We are thankful to them! In fact, it sounds like the lawn is getting mowed even as I type. It helps stave off the frustration I have at not getting out there to get things done. I have OH-so-great-plans for landscaping and gardening, but it looks like it will have to wait another year. Maybe the chemo will create a chemical change in Ford that will make him want to get out and involved in the yard and garden... ha ha. Just kidding!

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  1. Last week Anthony needed to do homework, but he suddenly decided that mowing the lawn was number one priority. Now, you know that's true procrastination, though he does do well to keep up with the mowing at least. When I got home from work and groceries today I discovered Kevin had done the weed-eating. Awesome! The grass was over a foot high out there.