08 May 2009

Today's Update

Today was the first day since Tuesday's chemo treatment that Ford has not needed any anti-nausea medicine. And tomorrow is the last dose of Prednisone for this round of treatment. This is always a good day for Ford.

The color in his face has returned to normal today. For a few days after the treatment, his face is sort of pallid.

Although Ford is getting quite tired of being "on house arrest," as he calls it, he is doing quite well. The Granddaughter was over for a few minutes today and always loves being with Grandpa. This does Ford some good too.

He also got outside for a little while and threw the frisbee around with our youngest daughter.

This evening we took our walk around the block again. I was in agony from cleaning carpets today. Ford, as always, was a good sport and very patient and encouraging. Who's helping whom?

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  1. You are both an inspiration to all.
    Love you,