06 May 2009

Over the hump

We are home. We are tired. I'm getting old and driving the freeway makes me irritable. Actually, it is only the drivers on the road that are rude, inconsiderate, ignorant, reckless, clueless, aggressive, or flat out dumb that get to me. The other 1% and I get along great! (-:

Ford is doing okay after his treatment and today's shot. He says that the burn from the Lovenox shot is worse than the burn from the Neulasta shot. The doctor told him that there was an alternative sight for getting the Lovenox shot rather than in the stomach. But Ford declined. He says he did not want to get behind and that he didn't like the way things would end up.

He had a 6 point drop in his sodium level. No one seems too concerned (except me, of course, who worries about every change).
It is still close to the 135-145 range. He has had some nausea, but has done well at eating today.

We were able to take a little walk around the neighborhood this evening. We are woefully and shamefully behind where we should be in our walking health challenge. Sorry, Team.

Hopefully, Ford will be able to get a good night's sleep tonight.


  1. Glad to hear it went so well. Did you know that most drivers consider themselves to be above average? So it's always the other guy's fault!

    I admit to being clueless at times. But Margaret, you are not getting old. Don't even think that way. Now go get yourself a popsicle or a lollipop and bless your inner child.


  2. I always hold my breath as I begin to read the blogs. Ford's illness comes so close to DeLoyal's. I am thrilled beyond measure that Ford is doing so well. If we all keep up our prayers, it will bring him a clean bill of health, I am sure! And Margaret, you are a pillar of strength! You are both in my thoughts and prayers always.
    Gerrie Bills