21 May 2009

Not a Great Year for Family Visiting

Ford was able to work at the office today for a short while today. He got several hours of programming in yesterday and today.

We missed getting a message from his sister that was visiting here in Utah for a few days, so he didn't get to see her before she and her family had to head back home. This doesn't seem to be the year we will be visiting with much family. The annual Park City condo visit is out, although we were able to visit with Ford's dad and wife before they got up to Park City. That is always a treat. We also found out today that one of the niece's and her family will be here in a couple of weeks and would like to get together with as many of the family as possible. Since that will be the week of Ford's lowest immunity, we will not be seeing her either. That just means we will be looking forward to the next time once Ford has finished with his chemo treatments.

Ford and I have been able to take a walk around the neighborhood area for the past few evenings and then he has come home and put in some more time on the stationary recumbent bike. He will definitely be glad to get back to biking on a regular basis when he is feeling better.

Tomorrow we head to the HCI for CT scans. We both will be happy to have those over with. We are suppose to bring a disc that has a copy of the scans back to Provo so the pulmonologist can review the chest area and see what is happening in the lung area. We hope that the blood clots Ford had in each lung are cleared up.

That is pretty much all the news for today.

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