23 May 2009

Lazy Day

Everything went smoothly yesterday driving to SLC and to the HCI for Ford's scans. I really appreciate the valet parking at both the HCI and the U of U Hospital. We went to the U of U Hospital to get the disc of the scans we were suppose to bring back to the doctor in Provo. The copy that the HCI would have given us would not be readable except on their own system. The U of UH copy can be read at any doctor's office in the USA (according to the cute little receptionist at the HCI radiology desk).

While at the U of UH, waiting for the valet to bring our car to us, I was bemused by the young fellow standing a few feet away from two "NO SMOKING" and one "No Smoking within 50 feet" signs while smoking a cigarette. There was an elderly woman on oxygen sitting in a wheelchair near us waiting for her van. I am not sure which bothered me the most, the fact the I am allergic to smoke and was having a hard time breathing or that this guy was possibly oblivious, illiterate, apathetic, ignorant, selfish, inconsiderate, reckless, or a combination of the above. It also made me get to wondering who enforces those types of rules at a hospital and emergency services entrance. I looked around and there were several valets scurrying around, hospital patrons coming and going, and those of us I previously mentioned. No one that looked like the enforcing type of people. (See how easily entertained
I am these days!) :-)

Back to the scans...Ford evidently is becoming accustomed to the taste of the berry flavored barium and said that it actually did not taste that bad. This is, to the best we can figure, Ford's fifth time doing the barium swallow for CT scans. He is one hot guy! Hence, the reason that the pulmonologist was agreeable to not doing CT chest scans of his own and then having them done again a few weeks later. He settled for a copy of the scans instead. And yes, the irony has not escaped us that while waging a battle against cancer, the frequency of the scans increase the risk of cancer. (Here I will spare you a diatribe on the obvious conundrums in our current methods of detecting and treating cancer.)

Once Ford went in for the tests, it was a very short wait. Ford contributes to the story by telling me that the majority of the waiting time was him trying to lock what seemed like an unlockable locker. He had outfitted for the scans and put his belongings in the locker. "The key is already in the lock. All I have to do is to shut the door, turn the key, and take the key out of the lock. It won't come out. I turn it back the other way and the door unlocks. Now I have to figure out if it is a quarter turn, a three-quarter turn, and in which direction. It can't be that hard."

When he finally was able to get the mechanisms to work and exited the dressing area to the waiting technician, he apologized by making some comment about the lock being smarter than he was. She remarked that it often takes people a lot of time, that he wasn't the slowest, and many of them end up having to ask for help. Hey, we already knew he wasn't a hardware guy...

While we were waiting, copies of the book, "Winners Never Cheat," written by
Jon M. Huntsman were being handed out to patrons in the different areas at the HCI. Ford and I each received a copy. How did the scans turn out? Don't know. We think that the pulmonologist will contact us some time next week after he has a chance to review the disc. We also think that we will get some type of report from the doctors at the HCI on Tuesday when we show up for Ford's next treatment.

Today has been a very laid back type of day. We'll enjoy the quiet of the weekend, look forward to our granddaughter and her parents getting back from their Disneyland vacation, and Sunday Sabbath activities. Then we'll gear up on Monday for the trip back to the HCI, Ford's next chemo treatment and follow-up stuff.

We will also be taking time to remember on Memorial Day those many people that have done so much for all of us and are a big part of who we are and what we enjoy today.

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  1. Ooh, nasty barium. Does the berry really mask the chalk taste? You ought to try it in mint!

    I think I have beaten Ford's record of number of scans with it. For some reason, they gave it to me with chest x-rays for my heart when I was a kid. At least we knew my digestion worked!

    Now, here's the funny part. You know by now it has a laxative effect. Well, our doctor was over an hour's drive from our house, so Mom used to take me out for pie afterward. I loved the blackberry pie at a little restaurant we stopped at. My grandpa used to go with us sometimes so that was an extra special day to get to go for pie with Grandpa after my x-rays. Anyway, I could never figure out why that blackberry pie made me need the bathroom in a hurry, but Mom's homemade pie did not have that effect on me!

    Just so you know, I had my heart repaired about 8 years ago after a scary flare, and that is so nice it doesn't threaten me any more! The heart itself is very healthy; it was a problem with the electrical signals in it.