05 May 2009

Laying Down on the Job

Today was a long day. We arrived at the HCI early and waited until it was our scheduled appointment. The doctors were way behind and we waited another hour. That put us behind at the infusion room. We waited in that waiting area for about 15 minutes and then was told that there were no more chairs available so they would have to use a bed, if that was okay with Ford. Bonus! This was a very good option. For the first time Ford was able to sleep through most of his chemo treatment. Things went fairly smoothly, but took a little longer than usual. Ford was pretty wiped out when it was all over. We checked into the Guest House, got everything into our room, and went to get some dinner. Ford ate really well and said that it tasted good to him. Then he went to sleep for an hour or two.

Tonight he says that he is doing just fine. "Terrific."

Tomorrow we have to wait until late afternoon to get the blood draw and shot because the Neulasta shot needs to be given 24 hours after a chemo treatment. We go first to get the blood draw and then if the levels check out okay, Ford will get the Neulasta shot.

The doctor took some time to explain what the normal routine was from here as far as CT scans, treatments, and such. He went through explanations of the exceptions, the what if's, and could be's at a quick pace and although I was trying to write down the gist of things, I still need to go back and figure it all out to make sense of it.

An attempt to follow up will come later.

Thank you, still, for all your prayers and well wishes. We are still feeling very blessed.

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