20 May 2009

Holding Steady

The results from Tuesday's blood draw were pretty good. The WBC was just barely in the normal range, but that is a big difference from last week. Sodium level is looking good. There were more H's and L's (highs and lows) on this result than there were last week.

The Neulasta injections seem to be going very well for Ford. His WBC does recover much faster and there doesn't appear to any ill side effects that we have been able to detect. Yeah!

With the WBC up a bit, Ford went in to work yesterday. After a couple of hours, he did not seem as tired as he has been the last few months.

Friday Ford is scheduled to have CT scans done of chest, abdomen, pelvis, etc. These will be used to compare to tests that will be taken after his sixth round of chemo. When those results are completed then we will know if Ford is done with treatment. His fifth chemo is coming up on Tuesday, if all goes well. Then, if things continue to go well, the next treatment (#6) will be 16 June. We are not sure how soon after the treatment that the follow-up scans are done, however, Ford may well be within six weeks of completing his treatment.

For the past few weeks, we have many people comment on how well Ford is doing and how good he looks. Many people have shared with us their experiences with cancer treatment and the process of recovery. Except for a very rough first 6 weeks, Ford has done remarkable well by comparison. We believe that he has had tremendous blessings due to the amount of support and prayers. We have amazing family and friends, near and far, that have continued to let us know of their love and well wishes and prayers. This is a humbling realization. Again, we say thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you for the cards, the phone calls, the personal visits. Thank you for the loaves of bread, the goodies, and the food. You have indeed lifted us and helped shoulder a tremendous load. When Ford is in the clear, we will do our best to return the love and service in whatever way we can. For now, know that you all are in our prayers each day.

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  1. How wonderful that Ford is doing so much better! And how is Margaret?