12 May 2009

Catching Up

The weekend was uneventful. Ford and youngest daughter played frisbee again on Saturday. Getting outside gives Ford a boost. He also enjoyed watching the national volleyball championship matches hosted at BYU (via TV, of course).

Two young men brought us the Sacrament on Sunday. Daughter number 2 and her husband came by with happy Mother's Day wishes and a present for a few minutes. Oldest daughter called to say Happy Mother's Day and youngest daughter prepared dinner. I am grateful for 3 wonderful daughters!

Today was blood draw day. The doctor called when the results were received and let us know that the WBC was very low. And, it isn't even Thursday yet when his WBC hits its lowest point in the treatment cycle. That means extra caution this week to protect Ford from exposure to anything that might compromise his immune system.

We have been expecting family to be able to stay for a few days, but we had to find them a motel room instead. In Provo this week that is a major accomplishment. However, a wonderful clerk at one motel made the impossible happen. Customer service like that is rare to find any more.

Although Ford's WBC is down and he is very tired, he perseveres exercising and putting in several hours of work. His good attitude is still intact. He is remarkable and has endured much. He doesn't like having to be home all the time, however he agrees that somewhat of a quarantine for the time being is better than contracting something and being very, very ill or dying. He prefers home to the hospital 100%.

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  1. Hey Maragaret, I am getting caught up with your house-hold. I am impressed and cheering you both on, oh and Ang. She is home now. I will post more later once I get all caught up with your happenings. Love you!