02 May 2009

By The Inch, A Cinch

Ford is doing well. He has been able to continue to work this week and has gone in to BYU every day for at least an hour. Then he works at home for several more hours.

He still is working on stamina. Since he still has three more treatments to go, it is pretty safe to say that his stamina will be up and down for a while longer.

Ford weighs in every morning and his weight is at an all-time high (not counting the 20+ pounds he put on when he was pumped full of liquids while comatose in the hospital). This should give him a bit of a cushion going into the next treatment for those times he doesn't feel like eating or food doesn't taste right.

He is tolerating the daily injections with a good attitude. The Lovenox burns as it goes in. His stomach is probably pretty tender from all the pokes, yet Ford fights through it all and responds with a cheerful, "Thank you."

Being able to go to the Temple would be an enormous boost for him. The risk of him getting something from someone who may not be wise enough to stay home when they are ill is the only thing keeping him from going, even for a little while. He loves his assignment and misses being able to work in the Temple each week.

Next week's treatment pushes him over the half way mark! He made it all of April without a visit to the ER or a stay in the hospital.

Ford enjoys having short visits with any who would like to come, as long as you are well. He has appreciated those who have come and those who have called.

Evidence of prayers being answered are seen each day. Thank you to all of you for the prayers and love and support. You have been wonderful in letting us know that while we may not see you, we have not been forgotten. Thank you.

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