03 April 2009

Three in One and One for All

Ford seems to be doing quite well. He has made it a little over two weeks without being in the hospital and ten days without visiting the emergency room. We have taken every step that I can think of (short of me moving out for a few days) to keep him from getting the cold that I have had. Nurse Debbie called on Wednesday to check up on him and said that she had seen lower WBC counts at this stage of the chemo treatment. I am amazed.

His energy level is slightly increasing. He has been working out every day on the stationary recumbent bike. He has been able to work at his BYU job for several hours a day. And his appetite is increasing. His weight is holding steady (he has gained a little over 11 pounds since 4 March (the day he got home after the seizure incident and hospital stay for pneumonia).

He is still having some problems winding down and falling asleep at night, but between the Melatonin and some herbal tea, he is able to get several hours in. Between 8 & 8:30 am every day is Lovenox time. It is still the time of the day I loathe, but we are getting the job done (at least I don't cry before,
during, or after anymore. Another blessing we are receiving because of prayers). As I lay out the alcohol wipes and other paraphernalia, Ford puts on his little sleep mask (thank you, Carol) so I don't have to look into those big brown eyes. When the shot is done, he always says thank you. That is his sweet way of reminding me that although it is may be painful to him, it is saving his life.

Round 3 is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, 7 April. We don't have to be at the HCI quite as early as we have in the past probably because the time required for the treatment is getting less.

It is an event-filled week. Monday is the anniversary of the day Ford proposed to me, Ford has his 3rd treatment (halfway done), daughter #2 has a birthday (she is looking great as the baby grows), and daughter #3 comes home for the spring/summer from BYU-I! Woohoo to it all!! In fact, this whole month is filled with good things. Saturday/Sunday is the LDS General Conference. I am soooo looking forward to hearing the counsel from the General Authorities. Then comes Easter weekend, one of my favorite times of the year.
Three weeks from today is the birthday of our Grandbaby #1 (turning 2 years old)! The 28th is chemo treatment #4. And, the 30th of April is Ford & my 26th wedding anniversary (happy engagement anniversary to B & J Stockdale, too).
This will be a great month!

And to end this blog, Ford reminds me that we are tired at the beginning of April because... it was a long March. (-:


  1. Ugh...it was a long March, especially for you!

    May April showers be showers of blessings for you both.


  2. Your continued strength seizes to amaze me. You always find the positive when you could easily harp on the negative. You are in a prayers daily. We love you guys, and are grateful for the many many years of friendship. Thank for the happy engagement anniversary. You know I'll talk to you that day, have to keep with tradition. Remember I'm always here if you need. me.