14 April 2009

Three Down, Three to Go

Ford and I left a bit after 6 am today for Salt Lake City. We decided to take a new route up to the HCI. Although the speed limits were a lot slower after exiting I-15, there were only one or two cars on the roads we took all the way up to the hospital.

The morning was beautiful and as we came into the SL Valley, we were able to see the Jordan River Temple, the Draper Temple, and the new Oquirrh Temple (when we left treatment today we could barely see past the U of U campus).

We checked in early at the clinic to get Ford's blood work done and get the IV inserted. Then we walked down to the infusion room to check in. Once we had checked in, we returned to the clinic area to wait to visit with the doctors.

According to their scales, Ford has gained back 19 pounds since he left the hospital after being in ICU.

We waited in the examination room for an hour before the doctor came in. It gave us time to give Ford his Lovenox injection. That is the longest by far that we have had to wait for anything at the HCI.

Ford's blood work looked good and the WBC had doubled since last week. Yet the doctors insisted that the only option for Ford's best interest was to take the Neulasta shot. Dr. P. spent time explaining about the drug and what it did and only the one side effect of bone discomfort. He explained that Neulasta builds up bone marrow and in bones where the marrow is thick, it is like adding fertilizer. The marrow increases and puts pressure on the bones. In patients that have less bone marrow (and he feels that Ford is in this category because of the cancer in his bones), the pain is less severe or even non existent because there is very little to start with so there won't be overcrowding.

He listened to our questions and concerns. He answered and addressed each one of them. But he stood firm in his opinion and Dr. Glenn agreed with him.

Ford gave his approval to go ahead and receive the shot.

Ford did well during the chemo treatment. Once things got started, it only took three hours to work through. Because of the pre-chemo drugs, Ford felt a little fuzzy in the head part way through. He slept a little and did Sudoku puzzles to pass the time. By the time the chemo finished, his head had cleared and, although he was tired, he was doing okay.

After we left the HCI, we checked in at the Guest House, unloaded our gear, and then Ford felt well enough to go search out a Subway and have his usual.

Ford has felt a little nausea this evening. This is earlier than the last treatment. We hope we can treat it without any major drugs. So far between the ginger tablets, the ginger tea, and Zofran, he has been able to deal with it.

Tomorrow morning we return to the HCI for blood tests to make sure his levels are still in the normal range, especially the sodium. Then we will hang around awhile so he can receive the N shot. It is supposed to be given 24 hours after his chemo treatment.

After that we do the best we can with whatever comes.

I sincerely hope that my best will be better than it was today.

Did you know that men's toupees are falsehoods?


  1. Glad to hear it went so well. Curious, though: what is Ford's "usual" at Subway? Anthony is a big fan of Subway too. He loves the club. I like the club without the ham.

  2. Next time you get to see the oquirrah temple wave! I live right by there! I love getting the updates! Keep them coming. Love you guys!