15 April 2009

PM Update

We are home tonight. Chemo #3 completed. Neulasta shot received. Follow-up blood work done. Ford's sodium and other electrolyte levels are dropping. We'll go for another blood series tomorrow.

We waited around for two hours this afternoon at the HCI today for the blood test results and a prescription refill. It is hard to complain about those two hours. When we arrived at the HCI, it was near blizzard conditions. Reports all over was that it was snowing, roads were not too bad, but visibility was low. After waiting, when we left, it had stopped snowing and the roads were wet, but clear. We received a call from our youngest daughter telling us that it was snowing very hard in Utah County and we might want to stay in SLC overnight. By the time we reached Utah County, it was also wet, but clear with patches of water on the road.

Ford's temperature is slightly up tonight. We will keep an eye on any changes. Any reactions to the Neulasta should show up within the next 24-36 hours.

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