07 April 2009

A No Go for Today's Treatment

Today we started our day out at the Guest House on the U of U campus. We stayed overnight so we could avoid the stress of traffic and early morning rush hour. We went through the preliminaries of checking in, getting the IV put in and blood tests done. Then weight (Ford weighed in just 2 pounds less than his normal weight was before he started losing weight walking Jake), temperature, BP, and so on. We didn't have to wait long before Dr. Pollack came into the room. He checked Ford over, asked questions, commented on how Ford has not lost all of his hair, and then looked at the blood results. Turns out that some of the levels were not what they need to be so today's chemo treatment didn't happen. We go back next Tuesday and try again. The doctor doesn't want to take any risks especially the way things have gone so far.

So that knocks everything back for one week. Ford was actually relieved. He was more tense about this treatment than the other two. He and I were both "off" for some reason today. I don't know how many people have experienced a day or so like that where things just don't seem to be lining up right or the feeling isn't the same as you're used to. That was today. A very fitting day to have the chemo treatment not happen.

The weather is beautiful. The traffic wasn't too bad coming home. And, I got home in time to go to a wonderful neighborhood cooking demonstration on Mexican food. I love Mexican food! And I adore the woman that was doing the demonstration. She was one of the key people that made me feel at home and loved when we first moved into this neighborhood 10 years ago next week. She loved my children. She always greeted me with a wonderful smile and a very cheery hello.

I learned a lot and loved tasting the samples. It was also very nice to be able to visit with many of our neighbors and catch up on what is going on with them. It is amazing how much has happened and gone on in the time we have been more or less isolated.

Ford is now happily working on his computer and getting things done for his job at BYU. He is glad to be back home.

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  1. It sounds like things worked together for your good, since this apparently wasn't the right day for treatment. Hopefully next week you will both feel better.
    Love, Lynn