21 April 2009

Monday - Tuesday

Yesterday (Monday), Ford woke up with a level 4 pain in his right side from about waist level to under his arm and also about waist location around his back. This is another mystery to us. The pain faded toward the afternoon, but was back this morning. Advice from staff at HCI says nothing to worry about currently. Wait and see if anything else develops.

Yesterday was dermatologist day. Our dermatologist had explained that patients with lymphoma have a greater risk of developing melanoma in about a year. He checked Ford over very carefully. Everything checked out and he told us to come back in a year.

Today (Tuesday), Ford told me he had been experiencing some pain in his right foot. Another curious development. Might be neuropathy, but then again, it might be the difference between wearing comfortable slippers most of the time and then wearing shoes for a couple of hours.

Other than these two things, he seems to be doing well.

Today was a blood draw day. Last week his WBC was high because of the Prednisone and possibly the Neulasta. Today it had taken a nose dive compared to the last one. From a 43 to 1.4.

There is still a lot to learn. To me this is one of those circumstances where the more you learn, the more you understand how really little you know and how much more there is to learn.

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