27 April 2009

Looking Good

The weekend passed without any thing out of the ordinary.

Last year, for the first time, Ford had to deal with seasonal allergies. It seems like he is again dealing with that. He is sneezing and has had some congestion, but symptoms are relieved with allergy medicine.

Tomorrow he has an appointment with the pulmonologist. Then one week away is his next chemo treatment.

He is looking good. Even his mommy said so when she stopped by today.

We will see what his WBC count is tomorrow. If it is looking good, then maybe he can get out a little more, perhaps to church on Sunday or maybe the Temple on Saturday. As long as he doesn't shake hands with anyone and stays at a distance from any one who might not be healthy, he should be okay. We shall see.


  1. Maybe you can slip away for a romantic anniversary dinner. Your in our prayers daily.
    Love you guys.

  2. Happy Anniversary tomorrow! I'm glad Ford is doing so well.