18 April 2009

Good Day--Sunshine

Something woke me up around 3 am. It seemed like Ford was restless, so I asked if he was okay.

"I hurt," came the reply.

"Where?" I asked.

"Hm. Hm. Hm. Can I go back to sleep?" he said.

Okay, so now I am trying to decide if he is in pain, if he is confused (possible sodium drop) and cannot tell me where, or if he is merely dreaming and only partially awake.

Every time he moves or makes a noise I am wide awake. When it is very quiet, I listen to see if he is still breathing. The sun starts to rise and the clock finally shows 8 am. The good thing is that nothing seems to be wrong. Ford wakes up and is feeling really great. No pain and a good night's sleep. Yeah!!

And today is the last dose of Prednisone for this round of chemo (he takes a dose of Prednisone after each treatment for the 4 days following).

Ford is eating well, his weight is stable at 154, and he is in no pain. He has no nausea. He has no fever.

Today he has been able to do some programming to make up for the hours he wasn't able to do this last week. He even slipped out the back door to go do some dandelion plucking from the back yard.

Thank you, everyone for your prayers. They are continually being answered.

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