10 April 2009

Fresh Air

Ford is doing okay this evening. We were able to get out of the house a couple of times today, once to pick up our daughter coming home from college. Her roommate lives in SLC and was willing to bring her and all her stuff down from Rexburg. We met them in SLC and transferred all her belongings to our car and came home.

Then this afternoon we were able to go up to Draper for a short outing to celebrate our second daughter's birthday. Ford was able to throw and catch a frisbee with one of our sons-in-law. He has really missed being able to play frisbee on a regular basis.

Ford has enjoyed visits from a couple of neighbors and friends. As long as whoever comes over is healthy, it is okay to visit. It is also good for him to see and visit with someone else besides me. The majority of other people he has been in contact with the last little while are mostly medical people, mainly those poking, prodding, or taking blood, x-rays, or scans.

Last night Ford has some difficulty getting to sleep. He was kind and tried to let me sleep. By the time I was aware of his problem, it was nearly 3 am. We needed to try a couple of different things (Melatonin, herbal Bedtime tea, and some breathing relaxation techniques) before he was finally able to drop off around 5 am. We have an understanding that if he will wake me up if he is having some kind of problem, I can get to sleep easier (and I usually do). However, last night he was trying to be considerate of me and ended up not getting much rest.

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