24 April 2009

BOR---ING! yup yup.

Wow. It is Friday already! This week has been relatively uneventful in regard to Ford.

He continues to have trouble going to sleep at night, but that is because he continues to switch up his activities before bedtime. There is merit in a consistent bedtime routine, I believe. He will get it worked out. At least he is getting some extra programming done for work.

His aches and pains seem to very minimal.

His weight is staying consistent.

He is able to work at least 4 to 5 hours a day. He is getting some projects finished up that have been on the back burner for a while. There seems to be less interruptions and distractions at home, so he feels he is making good progress. He doesn't have as far to go for personal breaks and for lunch, so he gets back to work quicker. And, as mentioned above, when he cannot sleep, he can work.

We have enjoyed having visitors. It gives him a break and he gets to see someone elses' face other than my own. (-: We still have to be careful that no one that comes has any kind of illness or infection.

Last night I thought I was coming down with a cold again. I stayed away from Ford and slept in another room. Turns out it was just allergies. No symptoms this morning of any kind. The benefit to me was big. I feel that I got a very good night of sleep!

Everything seems a nice kind of boring. We'll take it!

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  1. I read that sleeping in a darker room helps with melatonin production and use. I put all my lighted things--clocks, sleep apnea machine, etc. behind closed doors or under black felt. I am starting to feel better in the daytime, so I guess I am sleeping better at night. We do still have the co detector light and the dimmer switch so we can find our way to the bathroom if needed. We have a motion sensor nightlight in the bathroom, (Home Depot) which is perfect.