17 April 2009

All's well...

Today began very early this morning. At 4 am, Ford sat on the edge of the bed and told me that he was wired. I asked him to explain. He said that he was in a loop and couldn't find his way out. This was the same way he had described things the day after the first chemo treatment when his sodium level was dropping and we didn't know enough to know it. I asked if he was nauseated. He said yes. Oh, great! Another symptom. A third symptom was that he was very anxious.

I first went to the kitchen to fix him an electrolyte drink (something that would help balance his electrolytes). Then I called the on-call doctor at HCI. I am sure that he wasn't thrilled at the 4 am call. However, it had been emphasized that if there was a problem we were not to be polite and wait. We were to call. The gist of the response that I received after explaining the situation and a bit of history was that he didn't hear anything that was so unusual. I politely thanked him and then hung up. Talk about total dejavu!

The message on Dr. Alward's phone was that if we needed to speak to the doctor on call, contact the Critical Care Unit at UVRMC. So I made that call. The nurse that answered was very nice. She asked questions, made some inquiries, and then explained what the options were.

By this time, Ford had decided to try to eat something. He dispelled a lot of gas. And then I gave him another electrolyte drink. By 6 am, his head was clear, the nausea was gone, and he was a lot calmer. He went back to bed and fell fast asleep.

I emailed the nurse at HCI so that when she arrived in the morning she would have an update on Ford. She was prompt to email me back. We went into the Outpatient Services for a blood draw. A few hours later the doctor called and said all looked okay. Just for safety sake, he made a standing order for a blood draw, as needed.

This evening Ford seems to be doing well. He had visitors today that he really enjoyed seeing and talking with. Also, our granddaughter came over and had a grand time with her grandpa (no pun intended). He got a couple of hours of work in while I took a nap. And then he was willing to run a couple of errands with me.

He is just vegging out tonight.

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  1. Good for you for being on top of things! Sounds like the electrolyte drink was just the right thing, and you took care of it before he got too bad. I'm glad he is handling the treatment so much better this time.