29 March 2009

"Please, sir. May I have more?"

Yesterday, Saturday, before the sun came up, I heard these words from out of the darkness (it was something like 6 am):

"I am hungry."

"Huh?" was my first thought. "Woohoo!" was my second thought. Hunger is a good sign, I believe, for someone going through chemo treatments. Lack of hunger is a big topic in most of the literature we have been given. And, for Ford to be hungry after me trying to stuff him every couple of hours so that he can retain and regain weight is a fantastic thing. I believe that is one more blessing coming from the prayers being offered. Thank you for those prayers!!

I've read that malnutrition in cancer patients is something to watch out for so we have been eating a lot of veggies, fruits, plant protein, and grains. Ford has eaten the same thing for breakfast almost every single day since I have known him (almost 27 years), shredded wheat cereal & milk. For the last 6 or 7 years, his lunch has been the same during the week, a 6-inch Veggie sandwich on wheat from Subway. Pretty healthy and very consistent. Dinners have varied from very healthy to whatever is convenient. It is those types of foods that Ford has missed. so this week we have had some "comfort food" at his request. He seems to be doing okay. It is a challenge finding a middle ground. We still are watching the sugar very carefully. It is difficult to find food and drink items that do not have high fructose corn syrup or a high amount of sugar in them or that are not coated in glucose. Sometime I might take the time to explain the "sugar thing," but not right now.

Ford has been able to do some work for BYU the last several days. It seems to energize him a bit to be working on the programs and debugging that are needed.

Our second daughter and husband (and bebe' to be) came over for a little while yesterday. Ford asked if he and said husband could go out on the front lawn and throw a Frisbee for a little while. His energy was spent pretty quickly and I think he came back in less than five minutes. We were betting that with the blood thinners, his would bruise from catching the frisbees, but last night he couldn't find any. (They are all on his tummy where the shots are given. Uck!)

His second hat also arrived yesterday. He wore it most of the afternoon/evening, but it was a bit annoying because it is a semi-tight fitting cap that keeps slipping its way off his head. Today he is back to wearing the beret.

Ford is also being able to get several hours of sleep. What another blessing!

While we are looking at blessings, I will have to admit that the cold, blustery, snowy, prolonged winter weather we are experiencing is a blessing because it is helping to keep Ford from going absolutely loony with cabin fever. I have a ton of stuff I need to get done inside the house (especially before daughter #3 comes home for the summer in two weeks) and I don't feel as torn between what needs doing outside with this kind of weather.

Today being Sunday, we expect to be very quiet and low key. We both are more appreciative of quiet and low key. His WBC count should be on the rise after today.

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  1. Glad to hear he has some energy. I always enjoyed getting some fresh air, even when I was feeling pretty crappy from the chemo. Hope things keep getting better.