21 March 2009

We are happy that the University Guest House exists. It has been a good place to rest and wait to see how Ford would react to the second chemo treatment. We received a pleasant surprise when we checked out this morning. They gave us a medical discount. That helps. We made reservations for the next treatment date in April.

Ford is experiencing a little more nausea today. It began very early this morning. The medication they gave us to counteract the nausea is much better for Ford than the two we had after the first treatment. This one doesn't knock him out or make him groggy. We are also using ginger and ginger products to help ease the nausea.

He still has an appetite, for which I am grateful. He is a little more selective on what he is willing to eat. I guess the side effect that messes with taste is inevitably creeping in.

Ford is more tired. I keep wanting to say, "This time around" as if we had any kind of situation with which to compare from the first round of chemo. But, no. It is very different from the first round. At day three of the last round, he was in the ICU at UVRMC, heavily sedated with Ativan, tethered to the bed, with all kinds of wires, machines, and IV's. And I was wondering if he would wake up and be able to have any type of normal life. He has come a long way and has received many blessings.

We received the bill from IHC for those six days of service including the ER, the ICU, and the time on the 7th floor with all the meds, labs, tests, nursing care, and all. Any guesses on the total? We could open up a guestimate pool, charge for each guess, and the winner could receive some souvenir from the hospital. (-: (Would that even be legal? ethical? moral?)

Ford's hair is thinning and his beard has grown very slow (but it is very soft, not prickly.) We have gotten him the satin pillow case suggested to ease the irritation. This week we will be shopping for hats and caps to protect him from the sun. YES! There is actually sun to be protected from!! Woo Hoo! (There are crocus and daffodils blooming in our garden. And pretty green patches of grass. I LOVE SPRING!)

And, for those of you who may know our family and would enjoy the great news we received last week, daughter #2 and hubby announced that they are expecting a baby in the fall. They were married on 07/07/07 and have mentioned how cool it would be to have said baby arrive on 09/09/09. For this reason, Ford has dubbed baby-to-be, "Niner." (This daughter has sometimes been called Boo by him, while she was growing up, so he also considered the prenatal name: "BooTwo." However, with those to follow, would you call them B3, B4, etc.? "Then would B4 come before B3?" Ford queries.) He still has his sense of humor.

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