31 March 2009

Today was blood draw day. The numbers were predictably down for Ford's WBC count. In fact, it was a bit startling for me how much they had dropped from last week. Of course, we picked up the results after he had been to work again for a couple of hours. I have been worried about the exposure to anything that could infect him.

The twist of irony is that I have come down with some kind of infection, hopefully nothing worse than a cold. I am more than a little frustrated. Ford cannot get what I have. It would be very serious for him at this point.
My uncle gave him a blessing tonight. I have been attacking whatever it is that I have with several different remedies. I need to get well and stay well to help care for Ford.

We have managed to complete one week without going to the ER. I would like to keep that record going. I know that our collective prayers can help protect Ford.

We both will be staying in for the next few days. The next round of chemo is next Tuesday.

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  1. You make me think about what we take for granted. A week with no ER trips is such a blessing for you right now!

    We'll keep praying, and Margaret, get some rest. Maybe you need some of Ford's melatonin too. Can one of the girls come over now and then so you don't worry about leaving Ford on his own while you sleep?