08 March 2009

Today All Is Well

If there is a happy medium between While You Were Sleeping and Sleepless in Seattle, I'll take it.

Last week in the ICU Ford was sleeping and now has no recall of that time. The last few nights he has been sleepless. Friday night after trying to relax, laying with his eyes closed, reading, and walking, he finally dozed off at 6:00 am (Saturday). The phone rang around 7:30 am with someone calling about not being able to make their shift at the Temple. I forwarded him on to Brother Harlow. Ford was able to continue to sleep until about 10:00 am.

It was past meds time, so I had to wake him up. I was afraid that if he took the Prednisone too late, we would have another restless night.

Although it is frustrating and he gets a bit anxious about not being able to sleep, he has continued to keep his cheerful demeanor.

The scales showed another pound lost. Arghhhh. The fight is on! It is fairly easy to prepare things for Ford to eat, and he is very good about trying to get everything down, but in reality you can only eat so much a day. I have tried to keep high calorie and protein foods handy so he can keep snacking when he feels he can (he even tries when he feels he cannot).

There was a lot of activity going on at the house yesterday, most of which I shooed him off into the bedroom for until it had settled down.

My brother and sister-in-law stopped in for a brief visit. That was very good. When Ford got tired, he simply went off to the other room.

Later in the evening a neighbor (who is also the High Priest Group Leader) stopped in and visited. Both these visits seemed to boost Ford's spirits.

He loves it when our daughters call to check in. He also has appreciated knowing when his mother and his siblings have called. He is grateful for the love and support from all.

Last night was a little better. Ford was able to get to sleep around 3:30 am. The doctor at HCI gave us permission to use something a lot milder than the Ativan to help him doze off. He took one tablet. Tonight it will probably be two. We'll see.

Ford continually expresses his gratitude to those who help. Together we have begun a Gratitude Journal for just this experience. To voice and then to record is a humbling experience.

Two more people that have been faithful and supportive above and beyond what is normal are my dear mother Laurel and my sister Melanie. They have run errands, stayed up nights in the ER and hospital, cleaned, calmed, and worked. It won't be long before Melanie will be moving on to bigger and better things. I will miss her tremendously.

Many of you have offered to travel to be here, be at the HCI with us, bring food, do house chores and yard work, send care packages, move heavy exercise equipment to make it more convenient for Ford, spell me off so I can do what ever might need be done. We know that many of you would come in a split second if we were to ask. A lot of you are unable to come and do, yet have offered whatever you could. All of you have offered love, concern, support, and most of all, your prayers. With your prayers, all of you are here all of the time. I know this because they are being answered each and every day. We love you and are so grateful to you all.

If I could be so bold, there are a few things that we need asked for specifically at this time. Would you please, in your own way and words and inspiration, consider asking:

- that Ford's body be able to absorb and retain the nutrients needed to maintain and gain weight

-that with the chemo treatments the healthy parts of his body be protected from the damaging and harsh effect of the chemicals used while targeting the cancers that need to be killed

-that his mind and spirit and body might be able to relax and get the rest necessary for his well-being

-that those who treat and care for him may receive the revelation and inspiration needed to understand what has happened, why it happened that way, and what can be done for better results for the best outcome in the coming months

-and that our faith will increase as we seek to do whatever is the will of the Father and as we recognize and acknowledge His hand in all things.

Thank you~

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  1. We will pray as you asked. I even printed it off. I don't think it is too bold to ask us to pray specifically. I think it shows wonderful faith.